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2022 Recruitment Booklet
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Panhellenic Recruitment is a mutual selection process where a potential new member has the opportunity to meet with chapter members, ask a variety of questions, and learn about the 5 wonderful Panhellenic chapters at SFA

Recruitment is a fun-filled week of activities in which sororities educate potential new members on their respective organization and share their sisterhood with potential new members. These days allow you to catch a glimpse into the personalities and values of each of the 5 chapters. Each sorority has something unique to offer, and with 5 chapters, you should be able to find a group of women with whom you identify.

Tuesday, August 16th -Wednesday, August 17th

In person

Thursday, August 18th

In person

Friday, August 19th

In person

Saturday, August 20th

Philanthropy Round

Sisterhood Round

Preference Round

Time TBD

Bid Day


This is mandatory for all women going through recruitment. Here you will receive your recruitment shirt, meet your Rho Gam, and learn more about what the week will look like! This will be from 8pm to 9:30pm in the Baker Pattillo Student Center Movie Theater

Philanthropy Round

Each PNM will visit all 5 sororities for 45 minutes. You will learn more about the chapter and their philanthropy

Sisterhood Round

PNMs will visit up to 4 sororities for 45 minutes. You will be able to see individuality and spirit of each chapter, as well as experience the special bond of sisterhood

Preference Round

PNMs will visit up to 2 sororities for 55 minutes. This round focuses on sisterhood, friendship, ritual, and the core values of the chapter.

Bid Day

This is the day that you will receive an invitation to membership, or bid, from 1 of the sororities! After receiving your bid, the sorority you have joined has a fun day planned with exciting activities for you!

In order to be eligible for SFA Recruitment, a potential new member must:

1. A woman must be an enrolled, full time (12 hours or more) undergraduate student at Stephen F. Austin State University to be eligible to participate in Primary Recruitment.

2. A Potential New Member participating in Primary Recruitment shall not be, nor ever havebeen, an initiated member of a National Panhellenic Conference organization.

3. For women going through Recruitment straight out of high school must have at least a 2.50 ( on a 4.0 scale ) with 11 or less college/dual credit hours. For college women, she must have a 2.50 ( on a 4.0 scale ) with 12 or more completed college/dual credit hours.

Potential New Members must register with the Stephen F. Austin State University Panhellenic Association and pay the $115 nonrefundable registration fee in order to participate in Primary Recruitment.

Recommendation letters are NOT required to participate in recruitment at SFA. 

Recommendation letters serve as an introduction of a potential new member to a sorority. If you choose to submit them we ask that they provide to the chapter(s) before August 1st to ensure that they have been received prior to the start of primary recruitment. Each sorority manages their recommendation/reference letters differently. For questions about recommendation or legacy introduction forms, we highly recommend that you review the chapter's website or contact the national office of that particular sorority,

Stephen F. Austin State University Panhellenic Association Membership Recruitment Guidelines are intended to help guide Panhellenic women and potential new members through the membership selection process and Primary Recruitment week. The guidelines incorporate many of the procedures recommended and/or required by the National Panhellenic Conference.

• A Potential New Member should not be in contact with a chapter member, alumna member or anyone acting on the sorority’s behalf beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, August 15th. This includes social media communication.

• Potential New Members found with alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia will be immediately removed from Primary Recruitment and turned into the Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities.

• Potential New Members must abide by the SFA Panhellenic Membership Recruitment Rules as well as the NPC Unanimous Agreements.

• Potential New Members participating in Primary Recruitment must wear the nametags provided by SFA Panhellenic during all Formal Recruitment Parties.

• A woman shall complete the “Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement” card, often referred to as MRABA, immediately following the last preference event she attends. Once a “Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement” has been signed and submitted, no changes can be made.

• A woman signing a “Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement” card and receiving a bid at the end of Primary Recruitment shall be bound to that chapter she matched by the agreement for one calendar year at Stephen F. Austin State University, or until the next Primary Recruitment Process.

• Failure to follow any of these rules could result in dismissal from the Primary Recruitment Process.

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