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Frequently Asked

What if I only want to be in a certain sorority?

Only wanting to be a member of one specific sorority or only considering a few sororities can severly limit your options for membership and can lead to disappointment. Panhellenic discourages choosing a sorority based on stereotypes or others' opinions. We encourage you to keep an open mind & make a decision that is right for you!

Do I need to attend every party I am invited to?

Yes! The purpose of recruitment is for you to gather as much information as possible about the various sororities, so you can make the best decision possible when choosing which chapter to join. If you intentionally miss parties, you could get released from recruitment.

*Let your Rho Gamma know ASAP if you absolutely cannot attend a party*

What if I don't have a recommendation letter?

These letters are written to introduce you to the chapter members, they are not required nor will guarantee you a bid to a certain chapter.

When can I live in the sorority house?

Women must be eligible to move off SFA campus prior to moving into a sorority house. This includes women elected to executive officer positions. Eligibility to live off campus is 60 course credit hours or 21 years of age, whichever comes first. Members of Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Zeta, and Zeta Tau Alpha are required to live in the sorority house for a minimum of one year. Executive officers of all chapters are required to live in the sorority house throughout the duration of their team

What are the benefits of joining a sorority?

When joining a sorority you are also joining the greek community. You will gain supportive friends, leadership opportunities, philanthropic projects, community service, career opportunities are just a few of the amazing benefits of joining a sorority.

Does Greek Life take up a lot of time?

Greek membership takes up as much time as you are willing to invest. You will have the choice as to what to participate in outside of mandatory chapter events. Greek women have perfected the art of time management between jobs, academics, and sorority life. 

What is "Continuous Open Bidding" or "Informal Recruitment"?

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) begins as soon as Formal Recruitment ends. In the fall and spring, eligible chapters are able to extend bids to women who do not receive bids on Bid Day. It is important to know that only chapters that fall under chapter total are eligibe to COB, therefore not everly chapter might be eligible.

What if I don't get invited to attend the maximum amount of chapters during each round?

During the recruitment process, the number of chapters a PNM will visit each day will vary from one woman to the next. The number of events is not important; it is the conversations and people you are interacting with that are important.

What is Greek Week?

Greek Week is all about coming together as a Greek Community to support one another. During Greek week, all Panhellenic chapters along with other Greek organizations participate in sports, stroll-offs and much more! This is the perfect time to deck out in Greek apparel and show off your Greek pride.

If I am going through recruitment as a sophomore or going through again, am I at a disadvantage?

Many women choose to go through recruitment as a sophomore or junior for various reasons. As long as you have the required GPA you should not have a problem. For those going through recruitment a second time, there is a chance that chapters that released you the first time through might release you again. You should keep an open mind and discuss all the activities in which you have been involved over the past year as well as let the sororities know why you are going through a second time.

What if I discover the sorority I've selected is not the right one for me?

Once you've accepted a bid to a sorority, the new members process is designed to make sure you are ready to make a life-long commitment to an organization. If before initiation you decide that you are not ready for the commitment, you can break your pledge from the organization. If you would like to participate in recruitment again, you can do so at the time of the next formal recruitment. Once you have accepted a bid from an NPC organization, you must wait until the next formal recruitment to be eligible to receive another bid from an NPC organization.

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