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24 Things to Know for the Class of 2024

Hello! My name is Jonelle and I am the Panhellenic Programs Coordinator! I made these 24 things to know, so you can get a glimpse of life at SFA! Hope you enjoy!


Written by Jonelle VanPelt


1. Do Not Run Through Your Dining Dollars!!!

Sometimes at the end of the semester, they have specials and you’ll miss them :( I know it’s hard, but don’t spend them at Chick-fil-a the first 2 weeks of school.

2. You Have to Study!!

You may not have had to in high school, but in college you need to take the time and study. Don’t have study habits? Ain't no problem! You can create some as you learn or even look to Pinterest if you want some cute notes (which usually don’t last long ... but s/o to you if you can keep it up)

3. Decorate Your Axe Handle :)

You may choose not to use it, but it’s so exciting since it’s one of the first things you get as a freshman!

4. Get Involved on Campus!!!

This is one that i highly recommend!! No matter what organization you join, they help you stay on track and you’ll more than likely meet your lifelong friends. Some orgs are Jack Walkers, Greek Life, orgs based off your major, Dancers Against Cancer, Math Club, PHA, etc. There is literally a club for everything, and if you can’t find one that interests you, you can create your own club ;)

5. Go to the School Games!

If you bring your student ID, you can get in for free ;) It’s a good way to make new friends with the people around you!

6. Go to the AARC!!

Either sign up for SI, learning teams, or utilize the walk in tables. Do this before it’s too late and you don’t understand the material.

7. Make Sure You Look Up What Banks are in the Area!!!

Your bank may not be in Nac, and that might be a problem. Luckily the student center has ATMS you can use!

8. Do Not Procrastinate!!

...or at least do your best not to. Some professors do not accept late work and it doesn’t matter what sappy email you send them :/

9. Try and Do Your Laundry on a Weekday !

Most people normally due laundry on the weekends meaning you will have to sit and wait for a washer machine.Try going on a Wednesday or Thursday (but some of y'all still go on the weekend so that the weekdays aren’t packed)

10. Freshman 15 is a Real Thing matter how hard you try to block it out. Go to the Rec whenever you have free time. They have different classes that you and your friends can go to! They have yoga, cycling, zumba, full body workouts, etc.

11. Get a Planner and Actually Use it.

Some professors give you a course timeline so during the first week, go ahead and take the time to put those in your planner. If you are involved on campus, make sure you put those dates in there too so you can manage your time well.

12. Try and Be Friends with your Roommate :)

You have to live together, so you might as well make the most of it! If there are problems, try and talk it out before it gets too far. If nothing works, arrange a meeting with your CA, they can help you and give you both some options!

13. Don’t Walk Alone at Night!

Try and go with a buddy. If you’re parking your car late and you have to walk, there are emergency call boxes every 200 steps (i think it’s 200)! You can always hit the police button and have an officer walk you to your dorm.

14. Don’t Rent/Buy Your Textbooks Until Your Professors Has Given You a Syllabus !!!

Sometimes when you look up your class when shopping for books, they list all books that may be used or have been used. Sometimes you won’t even need the book >:( If you want your books early, email your professors and ask which ones you need.


You need the whole set and this is not an exaggeration. It’s always raining in Nac, and if it’s windy too, and you have a janky umbrella... welp 'good luck Charlie'

16. Attend the Involvement Fair/Weeks of Welcome and SAA Events!!!

They usually have cool giveaways and you may find interest in something you didn’t know you liked before!

17. Take Your Student ID Everywhere.

You will need this to get into your dorm, to swipe for meals, to go to the Rec, etc. It’s a college essential! (don’t be like me and get locked out of your dorm on the first day)

18. Go to the Library!!

Studying in your room is convenient, but you may feel more motivated in the library. The 4th floor is pure silence and if it’s a little too quiet for you, then try the 3rd floor! also.. the 2nd floor has free snacks sometimes so check that out!


Professors like it when you take the time to come speak to them and ask for help. This can go a long way, because when you are struggling, they at least know you have come in and asked for help before.


The 1st floor is not truly the “1st floor” because you have to climb a flight of stairs to get to the first floor. There are 2 elevators and they are the slowest things and it takes 5 minutes for it to get to the 4th floor and back down.

21. These Squirrels Don’t Care and This is Their Campus.

Don’t approach them. Don’t try and feed them. I know y'all have seen what those squirrels did to Veruca from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

"Twiggy the SFA Squirrel"

22. Don’t Eat Out 24/7.

This is hard, but try and convince your friends to eat at the EC/SC! This money can be saved, so that it can be spent elsewhere like going to Banita, getting gas, buying scantrons, etc. This money can be saved for a rainy day... you never know when your favorite person comes into concert at Banita ;)

23. Always Check on Your Mental Health.

College can be hard because it’s a new challenge, but you are not alone!! Counseling services on campus are free and the clinic is free also. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone

24. HAVE FUN !!!!

It’s okay if you say no sometimes, because you came to college for an education, but also make the best memories ever. Freshman year holds the craziest yet best stories that you will tell your kids and grandkids one day. Make the most of your college experience because those 4 years will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Can’t Wait to See Y'all in the Fall 🤠 AXE ‘EM

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