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Letters From Legacies

Below are letters a legacy from each chapter has written about their experiences going through Recruitment! Each member is shown with the woman who made them a legacy! Hope you enjoy!


Dear Potential New Member,

Being a Panhellenic woman this past year is an experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world, but being an Alpha Chi Omega legacy as well has given me more than I could’ve imagined. For me, going through recruitment as a legacy was so

exciting, I was finally getting to enjoy the moments my greek family members had been telling me about for years. Recruitment was such an eye-opening week for me, it showed me that I could be my full self, it sparked the beginning of so many amazing friendships, and it brought me through the beautiful red doors of my forever home. My sweet grandma was also in Alpha Chi Omega during her college years, and now having this bond of sisterhood between us has made our relationship so much stronger.

Being a legacy has made my Panhellenic journey all the more special and I look forward to growing in my chapter and showing what it means to be a Real Strong Woman.

- Natalie

Alpha Chi Omega


Dear Legacy, 

I will always remember my recruitment experience: the jitters, the excitement, and the pressure I felt because I was a direct legacy to a chapter at SFA that my mom is an alumnus for. This has always been a sensitive topic for me to share because of the heaviness I felt that week. I was very conflicted between following in my mom’s footsteps or creating my own in Greek Life. On the last night of recruitment, I was one of the final girls to make their selection between two houses--my mom’s legacy and another chapter that really sparked something in me. My mom’s chapter held a strong sense of loyalty, respect, and unity with one another, all qualities that I admire to this day. However, the other chapter just clicked in ways I could have never imagined. I remember shaking when the then Panhellenic President sat me down before I made my decision on Preference Night, and asked me very simply, “If your mom wasn’t an alumnus, where would you go?” In an instant, I knew exactly where I was supposed to run home. Your mom, grandmother, sister, or

whoever makes you a legacy to a certain chapter, raised you to be strong. You were raised to make tough decisions and pursue your own happiness. No matter what decision you make, you will always share the connection with your alumnus in the experiences that make Panhellenic chapters so special, like becoming a little or big, taking on a leadership position, the bond of sisterhood, and so much more. I wish I could go back to that week and remind myself of the facts I should have already known: my mom loves me unconditionally and this decision does not define our relationship.

Please open your heart to everyone on the row, and know that each house will blow you away with their high standards of sisterhood. You’re about to find your best friends, your mentors, and your bridesmaids, so get excited! Take a deep breath and let all the worry and stress wash away because it's time for you to continue a legacy of love, for yourself. This is your college experience, and it's important to remember chapters are different at different schools, and even in different years at the same school. So as you go through recruitment, let me ask you the same question the Panhellenic President asked me: “If your mom wasn’t an alumnus, where would you go?” 

Love you all, and Axe ‘em Jacks!

- Kallie

Chi Omega 


Dear Potential New Member,

Heading into recruitment I was feeling all the emotions, from stressed out to super excited! My mom was a Tri Delta at SFA and my sister was a Tri Delta at Baylor, so when it came time for me to go through recruitment they had high hopes I’d follow in their footsteps. Though I did feel a little pressure to keep the legacy going,

I knew they’d support me as long as I was happy. Over the course of the summer I had been following all the sorority instagram’s and thought I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go. However, when it came to recruitment week I really put an effort into having an open mindset and trusting my gut. My biggest piece of advice is to focus on the conversations had at each house and how they make you feel! At the end of the day, these are the girls that will support & love on you for the next 4 years!

Leading up to pref night I had been feeling all sorts of torn and was super nervous to make such a big decision. After talking to the girls at the Tri Delt house I just knew I needed to be back there on bid day.

There was no greater feeling than calling my mom and telling her that I had put Tri Delta as my first choice! Now I get to share this bond with my mom & sister and hopefully pass it down to my daughters one day!! SFA ‘24, I know this semester has so many unknowns but I cannot wait to meet you and for all of you to find your home away from home!

- Mary Kate

Tri Delta


Dear Potential New Member,

Going through Recruitment in Fall 2017 I tried to not hold any biases. I went through the process as normal and ran home to my sisters at Delta Zeta.

It wasn’t until after recruitment that I found out I was a legacy. My cousin was a Delta Zeta at Texas A&M. My cousin called me on my bid day to congratulate me and tell me what an amazing sorority I found myself in. She wished for me to make all the memories and lasting friendship like she did. I know that wish has come true. Even though being a legacy might sway you to another sorority, keep the process about what you want in a sorority. If you happen to go to the same sorority as the one your a legacy for then I can’t wait for you to share that experience with your new sister.

- Megan

Delta Zeta


Dear Potential New Member,

I had been looking forward to recruitment ALL summer long! I remember getting ready for the first day of recruitment and it all had hit me at once, the stress and the excitement! I went in to recruitment with an open mind even though my older sister was a Zeta Tau Alpha at SFA because I wanted to find MY forever home!

I felt a little pressure from my sister and my mom because Zeta was all they had ever known, but I knew at the end of the day they would support me joining greek life no matter the sorority! I made sure the whole week to keep an open mindset and not let the external small pressure get to me as well as making conversation with the members at each of the houses. On pref night I was torn between Alpha Chi and Zeta Tau Alpha; my Rho Gammas had to sit with me for almost an hour talking me through which decision would be right for me!

They made me feel so comforted and at ease and even helped me make a final decision, Zeta Tau Alpha! I remember calling my sister and mom on bid day crying telling them I got a bid from Zeta! I love my chapter and can’t wait to share greek life with my future daughters!

- Brett

Zeta Tau Alpha

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