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We are excited to announce that 2021 Fall recruitment will be in person!!!

On behalf of my executive board and my Panhellenic sisters, I would like to welcome you to the Panhellenic Council at Stephen F. Austin State University! 


SFA Panhellenic is represented by five beautiful chapters that house kind, strong, and intelligent women. Together these chapters strengthen their community through leadership and philanthropy. Panhellenic women are heavily involved on campus and represented through a variety of organizations such as Jack Walkers, Jack Camp Counselors, Honors College – and many more. Through this Panhellenic woman sprinkle kindness, care, and love for their community everywhere they go! Our houses regularly pull together and lean on one another to support each other’s philanthropies and assist in raising thousands for causes greater than ourselves.


Personally, going through recruitment has molded me as a woman in ways I never expected. I began my higher education as reserved and unsure of myself in many ways. After three amazing years in Panhellenic I have confidence in myself and in my decisions, a strength in who I am, and a support system of women that have always picked me up when I was down or built me up when I was unsure of myself.


Having the privilege of being the 2021 Panhellenic President is far beyond what I ever dreamed of. I am thrilled and humbled to continue the growth of Panhellenic on campus and through our bond as sisters. Our chapters continuously amaze me through their love for one another, we are a community of lumberjacks that enable growth amongst each other throughout one another’s undergraduate experience.  


Individually, we are sisters, as a whole, we are Panhellenic.


Please don't hesitate to contact me for anything you may need at:


Thanks & axe 'em!

Iris Rios

Panhellenic President

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